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Truth, Integrity, Trust, Knowledge ....the Keys to Successful Client Relationships


My name is Laura Gapske, and I am the Gapske Law Firm.  

When you call my office, you will speak with me.  I do not have a secretary, or a legal assistant.  If I do not answer when you call, leave a message and I will promptly return your call.  With today's portable technology, I can run my office from virtually anywhere.  Which means that I am able to meet clients at mutually convenient locations - not chained to a desk.  It is also more cost efficient -- which means that I can pass the savings on to my clients.

So what makes me different?  I pride myself in assisting my clients to understand the entire judicial process. I take the time to educate my clients on the court process, the law, how the law applies to their situation, as well as the options available to resolve the case.   I truly believe that only when the client has a complete understanding can they make an informed decision on how to proceed with their case.

I believe in truth, honesty, integrity, and fair play.   Whether it is good news or not, I am always forthright with my clients.  My clients may not always like what I have say, but you can be assured that I will never intentionally mislead them.

The Gapske Law Firm helps clients achieve high rates of success by offering premium legal services. The trust developed with the client is the foundation of the relationships. The Gapske Law Firm, P.A. never stops working to continuously strengthen those relationships.


Criminal Justice System:

If you are charged with a crime, choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is the most important decision you may ever have to make. The Gapske Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to protecting your rights with years of experience representing clients, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you've been accused of Murder, Robbery, DUI, fraud, drug trafficking, violation of probation, or any other crime, when your freedom and livelihood are at stake, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will work with you to explore every legal avenue.   Let the skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of Gapske Law Firm, P.A. work for you.

Family Law:
Divorce, custody, support, or modification to an existing court order. The Gapske Law Firm, P.A. can help.

  • Criminal Defense - All Misdemeanor and Felony Charges Including, But Not Limited to:
    • Murder (Non-Capital Cases)
    • Attempted Murder
    • Armed Robbery
    • Armed Burglary
    • Carjacking
    • Battery
    • Drug Related Charges
    • All Misdemeanor Charges
    • Juvenile Charges
    • Violations of Probation (VOP)

  •  Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Custody
    • Temporary Guardianship
    • Modifications to Existing Orders
    • Mediation

  • Criminal Appeals at the State Level